Kid-friendly internet content and peace of mind for parents

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Parent of young children face a real dilemma: how to allow your child to benefit from the learning, play and knowledge available through the internet – whilst protecting them from the nasty stuff found – or stumbled across – online?

Although many home routers and ISP services have various blockers and filters – who has the time or expertise to keep these filters tuned and how do you know they are working properly? Even if you manage to do this – that protection disappears when you are out and about, or your child is on a sleep-over with their tablet, or you’re accessing the web via a public network where you have no content control.

Fire for kids

That is where Fire for Kids comes to the rescue for UK constomer!
  Endless Fun for Kids.
  Peace of Mind for Parents.

What is Fire for Kids?

Fire for Kids is an Amazon service that allows kids to explore a world of learning, content, knowledge and play within a completely kid-friendly environment. These are the main features, as we see them:

  • Peace of mind for parents and endless fun for kids!
  • Promotes self-learning, reading, and educational apps
  • Helps your kids become “internet savvy” – essential in today’s world
  • Gives you control over what your kids can access and when
  • Rewards learning with play and fun
  • No access to social media
  • Kids cannot make “in-app purchases”
  • Access only to curated websites to block inappropriate content.

Peace of mind for parents

As a parent you have flexible controls where you can choose what content each child sees, set educational goals and time limits.

In the Parent Dashboard, you can review the access the child’s activity and manage settings, setting daily time limits, modifying web browser behaviour, pausing the device, and more.

You can discover books, videos, educational apps, Audible books, games, and you can add content from your personal library. The “Bedtime” control shuts down the tablet for the day. Individual Kid profiles help you set appropriate control and limits for each child.


As a parent, you find the right balance between education and entertainment. You you also set educational goals, and you can block access to games and cartoons until the educational goals are met.

The time-limiting features even allow you to set time limits for certain content while leaving more time for reading, to encourage that important activity.


Fire for Kids also provides kid-friendly browsing, to keeps out inappropriate content by using curated content. And kids don’t have access to social media, nor can they make in-app purchases without your approval.

You can set the age filters (3-5, 5-8, 9-12) allows you to provide most relevant books, videos, apps, Audible books, and more in an environment built just for kids.

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What does it cost?

You can sign up for a free 1-month trial (for Christmas perhaps?) and then this fantastic Amazon UK service costs from £1.99 per month. You will also need an Amazon Kids tablet.
A small price for more peace of mind!
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Disclaimer. We think this is a terrific service from a trusted retailer. But this is for your kids, not ours – so as a parent, please read all of the information on Amazon and make sure you are happy about what this service offers, and the suitability for your kids.