10 unusual and distinctive watches

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There are so, so many watches available. But many of them, despite the high price of some, look a bit “samey”… and sometimes you want to just stand out a bit.
These watches are a little – or a lot! – different. We think they are distinctive in their design or functionality.
For the distinctive (or unusual!) person in your life, these could make a fantastic gift.

All watches listed here are on Amazon UK. These specifications and pricing were correct when published (October 24, 2018). However, the price and availability of watches seems to vary constantly – like a ticking watch!. Please click-through to Amazon to check the latest price and availability.

Police Multi dial Quartz PL15379JSB.02


Multi-function dial, triple time.

Guess Women’s Quartz Watch


Stainless steel body, modern with elegance.

Invicta 26479 Pro Diver Men’s Watch


Stainless steel body, modern with elegance.

Burgmeister Ladies 2 Hands Skeleton Watch


Stainless steel with leather strap.

Diesel Men’s Watch DZ7395


A cool-looking watch with multiple times.

Sparks of Time Unisex Analogue Mechanical Watch


One for the intrepid explorer?

Boudier & Cie Men Metropolitain Kingsize Collection


Multifunctional wrist watch with two time zones.

Régnier Dilys R1339 Ladies Chronograph


A super-cool chronograph.

Elini Barokas Men’s Analogue Quartz Watch


A very distinctive men’s watch.

U Boat 6946 Men’s Automatic Watch


Limited edition. High technical specification.

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